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         The Cultivation of Weeds   
                        A Novel by Emory Menefee 

Politics, military intrigue and human frailty in the age of nanotechnology

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      A short description-- 

       In the U.S. after Iraq, the economy has slumped and the
       country reels with unrest.  Ed Grendil, weathy after having
       developed a spy chip, advocates a reform party whose
       platform is to give health and catastrophic care to all. 
       With him as presidential candidate, the party becomes
       wildly successful.  His son Carl, indolent photographer of
       decaying buildings, is lured into a secretive military
       organization spearheaded by Ed's former colleague, the
       mentally unstable Robert Sikes.   Using "neurobots," its 
       members are sworn to destroy presumed enemies or die.
       Sparked by Sikes's attraction to Ed's wife Lyn, the entire
       family is drawn into a convulsive intrigue of politics, sex,
       and death.  The book is a fast-paced thriller.

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